Business Background

The client is a company in Nanjing that needs to import precision instruments from Germany to Nanjing, Jiangsu. The person in charge of the customer found Shipping Whale Logistics through Internet search, contacted our business consultant, and consulted about the import of instruments. After our business's detailed answers to customer-related questions, the two parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention. During the communication process, the customer expressed the hope to provide one-stop service from Germany to Jiangsu, which covers pre-shipment inspection and quarantine in Germany, equipment disassembly and packaging, door-to-door delivery, overseas export declaration, international shipping, domestic destination port customs clearance, warehousing and distribution , Commodity inspection transfer. Based on the above needs of customers, the two parties finalized the door-to-door import plan.

Business Process

There are not only strict requirements on the storage environment for precision instruments, but also handling is a challenge. The handling of precision instruments requires no vibration, no tilt, no static electricity, environmental protection, no pollution, and flexibility. Any mistake in any link will affect the use and accuracy of the equipment.

In the early stage, we arranged for the staff in Germany to conduct on-the-spot inspections. When we checked the equipment, we found that the nameplates on the equipment fuselage were missing or blurred. Considering that the inspection and quarantine before shipment and the domestic customs inspection need to check the information on the nameplates, such as If the nameplate is not standardized or missing, there will be risks such as being returned by the customs and fined. Therefore, we supplemented and cleaned up the nameplate of the equipment before shipment.

Customs declaration information for import of precision instruments

1. Commercial contract, packing list and business-related certificates
2. Customs declaration and inspection request
3. Quarantine certificate for precision instruments
4. The right to operate import and export
5. Certificate of origin
6. The supplier's registration record number in China

Precision instrument import declaration process

1. Find foreign suppliers and sign foreign trade contracts with foreign countries
2. According to the payment method stipulated in the contract, pay for the goods abroad
3. Overseas will arrange stocking after receiving the payment
4. After the stock preparation is completed, arrange the booking matters according to the signed trade terms
5. Before the goods arrive at the port, foreign countries prepare the documents required for domestic customs clearance in advance
6. Make a pre-declaration before arriving at the port, and issue a pre-recorded list for verification
7. Tax payment after declaration
8. Customs release or inspection after tax payment
9. In case of inspection, it is necessary to cooperate with the customs inspection
10. After the goods are released, they will be delivered to the receiving location designated by the customer

Importing precision instruments from Germany to Nanjing

Experience Summary

1. Before the goods are imported, first determine whether the precision instrument can be imported. The specific method can be to check the relevant information through the HS code of the goods to determine whether the goods can be imported.
2. Before the transportation of precision instruments, ensure the safety of the goods packaged, and do a good job of packing and reinforcement to avoid damage to the instruments due to collisions and other factors during transportation.
3. The import of equipment may involve the transportation of bulk cargo by bulk carrier. Under normal circumstances, it is normal to be super high and super wide. At this time, open top containers (non-standard containers) should be used. These shipments can be much more expensive than standard containers, involving handling, towing, booking, warehousing, and more charges. Therefore, cargo owners must pay attention to the whole logistics solution of import international transportation.