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Shipping Whale Logistics is an international shipping company based in Shanghai, China which has self-operated warehouses totaling more than 10,000 ㎡ in major 1st-tier cities of China. Rely on long-term and profound relationships with more than 100 high-quality domestic and foreign partners, our business scope covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world.
International Logistics Transportation Services

Sea FreightShipping Whale Logistics cooperates closely with various VOCCs to provide shipping services with resonable rate, reliable space guarantees and strong China local operation capabilities.

Air FreightWith long-term cooperation with many airlines such as Air China Cargo and China Cargo Airlines, we provide high-efficiency air cargo transport & air express services.

Rail FreightWe provides China-Europe railway container train transportation services, covering Mongolia, Russia, Central Asia and most countries and regions in Europe.

International Logistics Solutions

Import & Export Trade AgencyFor import & export trade goods, we provide one-stop services such as signing contracts, drafting documents and international door-to-door transportation.

International Exhibition LogisticsWe tailors the one-stop plan for the individual needs of exhibitors to ensure that the exhibits arrive at the designated station on time and intact.

Intl. Bulk & Bulky Cargo TransportationWe provide bulk cargo logistics services such as loading & unloading, hoisting, chartering & booking, customs clearance, insurance, and door-to-door delivery.

International MovingOur sister company: Neptune Movers focuses on door-to-door international transportation services to/from China for personal effects.

Cross-border E-commerce LogisticsShipping Whale Logistics provides comprehensive logistics services which is rapid, convenient, low-cost, high-quality and high-standard for cross-border e-commerce business.

International Car ShippingWe provides international car shipping services such as loading supervision, acceptance, inspection, trailer, warehousing, packaging, delivery and customs procedures.

International Logistics Additional Services

WarehousingThrough self-operated warehouses in China and cooperative warehouses worldwide, Shipping Whale Logistics provides warehousing, pickup, transshipment and other services.

Customs ClearanceShipping Whale Logistics provides services such as import & export customs declaration and inspection, making documents, issuing certificates of origin, etc.

InsuranceWe provides comprehensive import & export cargo transportation insurance services. Situations such as natural disasters, cargo pollution, robbery, etc. are fully covered.