Business Background

A kitchen equipment company in Shanghai plans to import a batch of kitchen appliances from Australia to Shanghai. The goods include inlaid ovens, side suction range hoods, and inlaid gas stoves. However, the customer is not clear about China's relevant requirements for the import supervision of kitchen appliances, so Shipping Whale Logistics has full authority to assist the customer in the import customs clearance and domestic logistics business.

Business Process

1. Import customs clearance information for kitchen appliances:

(2) Certificate of origin, health certificate of the producing country;
(2) If it is a branded product, a certificate of authorization or a certificate of approval for sales must be provided;
(3) The name of the goods on the packing list, trade contract, invoice and other documents must be the same and consistent with the name of the actual goods;
(4) One sample of the original packaging label, three copies of the label in Chinese and English;
(5) Declaration of conformity of imported food contact products;
(6) Declaration elements such as product name;
(7) Use (for kitchen, dining table, hygiene, etc.), material;
(8) Type, determined according to the customs code,
(9) Domestic importer's business license, import inspection declaration/import customs declaration power of attorney, etc.;
(10) Wooden packaging needs to be marked with IPPC on the wooden packaging;

2. The operation process of imported kitchen appliances:

(1) Sign the contract and ship abroad
(2) Provide relevant information to our company
(3) Customs declaration and inspection
(4) After customs clearance, the customs will issue a tax bill, the domestic importer will arrange to pay the tax, and the customs will verify the tax
(5) Customs inspection, commodity inspection
(6) Tax payment and tax verification, customs release, commodity inspection release, and delivery arrangement

Importing kitchen appliances from Australia to Shanghai

Experience Summary

1. Imported kitchen appliances need to be labeled in Chinese. If the customs inspection encounters no Chinese label, an inspection and quarantine certificate for imported kitchen appliances can be issued.
2. There are many product names involved in imported kitchen appliances, and all the products need to be classified. Underreporting and omissions will be held accountable by the customs.
3. Pay attention to the safety and health issues of some products. The unqualified safety items are mainly manifested in the possible precipitation of toxic and harmful substances from the product during the use of the product. Since it is a food contact product, harmful substances entering the human body will cause varying degrees of damage to health. For products with safety and hygiene problems, the inspection The quarantine department takes disposal measures such as return or destruction.