Business Background

The client is a medical device company in Beijing, and it is planning to import a batch of medical devices from Germany recently. The goods include thermometers, ECG diagnostic instruments, CT equipment, laser surgery equipment, color Doppler ultrasound imaging equipment, etc. I found Shipping Whale Logistics through a network search. After detailed communication, our company quickly formulated a transportation plan for the customer to import by air to Beijing Airport.

Business Process

The goods this time are medical devices, and import customs clearance is special. Enterprises importing equipment require complete import qualifications and three certificates, namely, business license, medical device business license and registration certificate. The value of medical equipment is high, so customers When choosing air transportation, of course, the key is to solve the customs clearance problem in time at the destination airport. We arrange the German agent to pick up the goods at the door, airlift them to Beijing Capital Airport, and deliver them to the receiving place designated by the customer after customs clearance.

Medical device import operation process

(1) Book space, confirm the weight, volume, container type, pick-up address, starting port, and loading time of the cargo.
(2) Loading, arrange loading according to the determined time.
(3) Customs declaration, according to the packing list and invoice of the goods.
(4) Track the arrival time of the ship, and send the original bill of lading and certificate of origin to the port of destination in advance for customs clearance.
(5) A few days before the arrival of the goods, submit the packing list, invoice, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate and other materials to the local customs system for customs clearance.
(6) Follow up the customs system data to calculate the corresponding tariff, and arrange tax payment after confirmation.
(7) Arrange to pick up the goods after the customs release, if the whole container directly arranges the truck to deliver the goods to the address designated by the consignee. If it is bulk cargo, it will be unpacked in the warehouse first, and then the truck will be arranged to deliver to the designated address of the consignee.
(8) After unloading the goods, clean up the goods packaging garbage.

Documents Required When Importing Medical Devices

(1) Imported medical equipment registration certificate and business license issued by the State Food and Drug Administration;
(2) For medical equipment that is an ingredient of defined pharmaceuticals, a China Compulsory Certification Certificate (Special Item Approval Form) shall be provided;
(3) Some equipment requires an automatic import license;
(4) Photos of the equipment, nameplates, technical parameters of the equipment, usage, Chinese instructions, etc.;
(5) Import contract, packing list, invoice;

The qualifications that the receiving unit of imported medical equipment should possess

1. Medical equipment business license;
2. Business license (there is a license to sell medical equipment in the business scope)
3. Import and export rights (if not available, you can find a qualified import and export company to import as an agent)
4. Medical equipment registration form
5. Medical equipment registration certificate

Importing medical equipment from Germany to Beijing

Business Summary

1. Since it is a statutory inspection, the commodity inspection must be inspected after the customs releases, and the commodity inspection will be transferred away. Pay attention to whether there is a certificate of wood packaging. If there is wood packaging, it must have the IPPC logo. the
2. Whether the medical device is brand new, if it is old, import is prohibited.
3. The brand and model of the medical registration certificate must be consistent with the nameplate on the medical device.