Business Background

The client is a well-known auto service company in Xi'an. Recently, it needs to import a batch of auto parts from the United States. There are many categories. The main parts include bolts, rivets, webbing guides, etc., so it is necessary to find a strong and reliable logistics company to operate auto parts. Import customs clearance matters. Introduced by a friend, I found Shipping Whale Logistics. Our salesman learned that the customer was not clear about the customs clearance process for auto parts imports. After detailed communication, Shipping Whale Logistics formulated a customs clearance plan for the customer to import auto parts from the United States to Xi'an. .

Business Process

1. Import customs clearance data of auto parts

(1) Information on auto parts: product name, brand, quantity, place of origin, weight, etc.
(2) Provide supplier/foreign business information
(3) Provide contracts, invoices, packing lists, and declaration element information
(4) Selection of transportation method, selection of import port
(5) The reporting unit must have the qualification of import and export rights

This batch of auto parts does not involve other special documents. If you encounter some specific parts, such as lights and windshields, mandatory 3C certification is required, and parts such as engines require automatic import licenses.

2. Auto parts import operation process

(1) Classify the customs code of auto parts, check the tax rate after confirming the code
(2) Confirm the supervision conditions and quarantine categories according to the customs code
(3) Organize the declaration elements corresponding to the customs code, such as: brand, model, applicable vehicle type, etc.
(4) Arranging customs declaration documents: contracts, invoices, packing lists
(5) According to the Invoice, packing list and other relevant materials of imported auto parts provided by the customer, sort out the import plan
(6) According to the plan and in accordance with the customs supervision conditions related to the goods, declare to the relevant departments and prepare the required documents for customs declaration
(7) Arranging the documents required for customs declaration and submitting the declaration to the competent customs
(8) With the cooperation of relevant customs document review personnel, the customs document review personnel will issue a special customs payment note based on the agreed declared value review document
(9) Complete the payment procedures according to the amount of the customs duty and value-added tax payment note issued by the customs, and release the customs seal
(10) The freight forwarder notifies the transport vehicle to pick up the goods and pass the customs, and arranges for domestic logistics delivery
Because our company classifies the materials in advance, the materials are detailed and complete, and the single proof is clear, avoiding some unnecessary problems, greatly enhancing the timeliness and saving related costs.

Importing auto parts from the United States to Xian

Experience Summary

1. The import declaration elements of auto parts should be filled in carefully
2. Some products need 3C certification, such as car lights, glass windows, etc.
3. The classification of the customs code is wrong, which leads to the need to change the previous import filing documents, import licenses, and import inspections.
4. Since the varieties and product names of auto parts are very complicated, they should be classified into customs commodity codes and pay attention when sorting out the declaration elements.