Business Background

Recently, a Dongguan customer needed to import a batch of color LCD monitors from South Korea. After comparing with many logistics companies on the Internet, he finally chose Shipping Whale Logistics. After communicating with our salesman, he felt that our company is more professional and reliable. Spectrum, so we will entrust our company with the full authority to act as an agent for importing color LCD monitors from South Korea to Dongguan customs clearance and domestic logistics and distribution matters.

Business Process

Documents required for import customs clearance of LCD monitors

1. Record number of consignee and consignor
2. Packing list, invoice and contract, etc.
3. The right to operate import and export
4. Power of Attorney for Customs Declaration
5. 3C certificate or free 3C certificate
6. Detailed information of the goods: product name, quantity, packaging, use, weight, volume, size, country of origin, etc.

Customs clearance process for import of LCD monitors by sea

1. Ship to the port by sea
2. Pay the freight and exchange the order
3. Arrange import customs declaration and inspection
4. Customs examines the price and issues the tax bill
5. Pay taxes
6. Customs inspection
7. Release the goods
8. Pick up the goods
9. Delivery to designated places in China

Experience Summary

Importing coffee machines from Italy to Wuhan

1. When packing, you must make a detailed liquid crystal display packing list, and the specifications of packing, packing goods and information must be consistent
2. Documentation must be complete
3. The price declaration should be declared according to the actual transaction price
Since LCDs are fragile products, the requirements for packaging are relatively high. When packing, pay attention to the safety and firmness of the packaging. take it easy
4. Since LCDs are fragile items, protective measures must be taken when packaging them. At the same time, there must be signs on the outer packaging of related fragile items and not to be placed upside down or under heavy pressure. Handle with care when loading and unloading. put
5. If the outer packaging is a wooden box, remember to fumigate it before packing it. If you find no fumigation mark at the port, you will be fined or destroyed.
6. Imported LCDs are generally expensive and fragile, so you must purchase freight insurance before transporting the goods to ensure that if the goods are damaged, you can claim compensation from the insurance company to reduce losses.