Business Background

A company in Wuhan wanted to import coffee machines from Italy. Through the introduction of Yunjing International's previous customers, it contacted Shipping Whale Logistics. After receiving the customer's cargo information, our company will communicate with the customer in detail, and formulate a complete coffee machine import transportation plan according to the customer's needs.

Business Process

Customs code for imported coffee machines→document preparation→arrival of goods at the dock→order change→inspection declaration→customs declaration→intensive tax→release→make an appointment for inspection and inspection→delivery to the warehouse designated by the importer

Customs declaration information for coffee machine import

1. Import and export license
2. Packing list, bill of lading, contract, etc.
3. Power of Attorney for Inspection and Customs Declaration
4. 3C certification, official certificate of origin
4. Customs clearance form for inbound goods
5. The record number of the consignee
6. Product information: use, product name, material, quantity, specification or model, weight and volume, etc.

Coffee machine import customs clearance process

1. Apply for 3C certificate or exempt 3C certificate for the supply data
2. Customs code for imported coffee machines
3. Prepare materials
4. The goods arrive at the port
5. Handle exchange order
6. Customs declaration and inspection
7. Declaration to the customs
8. Pay customs duties
9. Check customs clearance
10. Deliver the goods to the designated place in China

Importing coffee machines from Italy to Wuhan

Experience Summary

1. To classify coffee machines, it is necessary to know what kind of coffee machine it is. When importing this type of goods, the importer needs to query the customs code. It is necessary to classify the coffee machines and classify them with accurate codes. If there is a need for 3C supervision, it is necessary to apply for national compulsory certification.
2. Inspection and quarantine of coffee machine before shipment