Business Background

The customer found Shipping Whale Logistics through Internet search, and got in touch with the salesman of Shipping Whale Logistics. Entrusted by the client, it undertook the transportation project of automobile headlights from South Korea to Chengdu. Through contact with the client, it quickly grasped the client's needs and formulated a preliminary plan.

Business Process

Customs declaration information for the import of automobile headlights

1. The right to operate import and export
2. Import declaration elements
3. Power of Attorney for Inspection and Customs Declaration
4. Product information: product name, quantity, packaging, weight and volume, etc.
5. Contract, packing list, invoice, invoice
6. Certificate of origin

Customs declaration process for the import of automobile headlights

1. According to the Invoice, packing list and other car light related materials provided by the customer, sort out the best import plan
2. According to the plan, declare to the relevant department according to the customs supervision conditions related to the goods, and prepare the required documents for customs declaration; for example, 3C certification, statement evaluation, etc.
3. Classify the customs code, check the tax rate, declaration elements, and supervision conditions after confirming the customs code
4. According to the declaration elements and regulatory conditions, provide supporting documents
5. Customs declaration at the port of destination/airport, and submit the contract, invoice, packing list and related documents to the customs
6. Once there is no problem in the commodity inspection, the tax bill will be issued, the tax will be paid, and the customs will be released.
7. Arrange domestic transportation and delivery
8. Deliver the goods to the receiving warehouse designated by the customer

Importing car headlights from South Korea to Chengdu

Experience Summary

1. Do not mix non-homogeneous products, otherwise the customs will process them at the highest price (tax).
2. Be sure to provide an accurate packing list. The contents of each box must be classified accurately and cannot be mixed.
3. Cargo information. Need to provide: place of origin, brand, model, applicable models, functional use, material and other information.
4. The packaging of auto parts must be extra careful, especially some glass and lamps, headlights, taillights, fog lights, etc.
5. Old auto parts cannot be imported, and the customs code needs to be provided when importing, because some auto parts are imported conditionally. If they are mixed together for customs clearance, it may cause unnecessary trouble