Business Background

Recently, Shipping Whale Logistics received a consultation from a customer in Beijing. The company intends to export a batch of lubricants from Beijing to Germany. After understanding the detailed information of the goods and considering the particularity of the goods, our company quickly provided customers with A shipping plan was made. After seeing it, the customer said that he was very considerate and willing to cooperate with our company and provide detailed information on the goods to cooperate with us.

Business Process

1. Lubricant export declaration information

a. The right to operate import and export
b. Official Certificate of Origin
c. Chinese ingredient list
d. MSDS report in Chinese
e. Dangerous goods packaging certificate (dangerous goods need to be provided)
f. Classification and appraisal report of dangerous goods (dangerous goods need to be provided)
g. Packing list, invoice and contract, etc.
h. Product information: product name, quantity, packaging, weight and volume, etc.

2. Elements of lubricant export declaration

a. Product name
b. Brand
c. Purpose
d. Model
e. Packaging specifications
f. The percentage of mineral oil extracted from petroleum or asphalt must be indicated
g. Ingredients content

Shipping  lubricants from Beijing to Germany

Experience Summary

1. Submit the certificate of origin, health certificate, test report, etc.
2. Domestic suppliers file overseas in advance and obtain transportation qualifications. Items that do not qualify for transportation will not be exported
3. When exporting lubricating oil, first confirm the customs code of the product. Because there are many types of lubricating oil, MSDS must first be provided for exporting lubricating oil to check whether it is a dangerous product and determine the customs code.