Business Background

The customer purchased a batch of dust collector equipment from the factory in Qingdao and shipped it to Malaysia, and contacted Shipping Whale Logistics through Internet search. The person in charge of our Southeast Asia transportation product group communicated with the customer and learned through simple communication that the size of this batch of equipment is: 10 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 4 meters high. The size is large and the number of pieces is very large. is a difficult problem. To this end, our staff will formulate corresponding logistics and transportation plans for customers, so as to reach a cooperation intention.

Business Process

After communication, we have formulated two sets of solutions for our customers:

1. Frame box transportation: The dimensions of all the customer’s goods are added together, and three frame boxes plus 1-2 40HQ can be loaded. The transportation cost of this solution is relatively high, which slightly exceeds the customer’s budget.
2. Bulk carrier transportation: Bulk carrier is more suitable for oversized, large number of goods that cannot be loaded in containers, and the price of bulk carrier is also slightly cheaper, but the safety of the cargo is slightly lower, and the shipping schedule of bulk carrier and aging instability;
After careful consideration, the customer finally chose the frame box transportation form. The fan in the customer's cargo is awl-shaped, and there is no focus on the frame box, which is prone to problems due to sea waves during transportation. In order to avoid customer losses, we also welded and fixed the focus for the customer to ensure the safety of transportation. The staff of Whale Transport spent a few days to complete the work of picking up the goods, strengthening them, packing them, and gathering them at the port, and finally declared them at customs and released them smoothly.

Documents required for dust removal export declaration

Necessary documents: one copy of list, invoice, contract, customs declaration power of attorney, shipping company loading list and other documents.
According to the various documents stipulated in the customs tariff rules. (such as customs clearance form, export license, etc.)
If there is an export manual, a manual declaration is required.

Dust removal equipment export declaration process

1. Sign a trade contract and stock up
2. Prepare export documents: packing list, invoice, contract, bill of lading
3. Submit a book to the shipping company to book the space
4. Arrange the delivery according to the cut-off time on the delivery notice
5. Goods arrive at the port and declare at the port
6. Release and wait for sailing
7. Bill of lading confirmation

ShipPing dust removal equipment from Qingdao to Malaysia

Experience Summary

1. Learn more about the relevant information of the heavy cargo being transported, such as the number of pieces, the weight of each piece, size, shape of the goods, packaging form and its firmness, and shipping requirements.
2. According to the condition of the goods, choose the appropriate space, and at the same time, according to the condition of the goods arriving at the port, do a good job of cleaning, repainting, waxing and other work for the heavy goods.
3. For the packing problem, we must provide good solutions to customers in time and apply for the free period in advance, and we must complete the packing within the free period to avoid the high cost of the frame box.