Business Background

There is a large textile company newly invested in Jiangsu. It plans to import a batch of goose down quilts from the United States to Nantong in the near future. It found Shipping Whale Logistics through a friend's introduction. Our business staff negotiated with the customer many times, provided detailed transportation plans  and successfully obtained the full import customs clearance and freight forwarding business for this batch of goose down quilts.

Business Process

(1) Goose down quilt import customs declaration declaration elements: product name, brand type, material (filling), brand (Chinese and foreign names), specifications, others (not required, please fill in according to the actual situation)
(2) Goose down quilt import customs clearance information: consignor and consignor registration number, original label and corresponding Chinese translation, import and export operation rights, certificate of origin, official health certificate/free sale certificate of the producing country, manufacturer’s ingredient test report, packaging Packing list, invoice and contract, etc., product information (product name, quantity, packaging, weight and volume, etc.)

Goose down import customs declaration process

(1) Sign an import agency contract
(2) Foreign manufacturers stock up
(3) Import enterprises provide information
(4) After the goods arrive at the port, our company will arrange customs clearance at the port.
(5) Pay freight and exchange orders at the shipping agency
(6) Inspection declaration, customs declaration and declared price
(7) Issuing tax forms and paying taxes
(8) Customs will release the goods after customs clearance is completed.
(9) After release, deliver to customer designated warehouse

Shipping goose down quilts from the United States to Nantong

Experience Summary

(1) Be sure to fill in the customs declaration form according to the actual situation of the goods. The customs declaration form needs to fill in the name, quantity, value, purpose, departure port and destination port of the imported goods. The customs declaration also needs to indicate the origin, production date, specifications and models of the imported goods;
(2) When goose down is imported and declared, be sure to accurately fill in the percentage of goose down and goose feather according to the label of the goods, because goose down and goose down are strictly distinguished. Due to different proportions, the corresponding customs codes will also be different. ;
(3) Goose down quilts generally come in many specifications and sizes. In order to facilitate customs inspection, when shipping overseas, the shipper must be notified to stack each specification at the door of the cabinet to prevent unnecessary expenses from unpacking during inspection;
(4) It is best for the import consignee of the goods to apply for customs import and export consignee.