Business Background

The customer purchased a batch of billboard pillars from Shenzhen and needed to transport them to Laem Chabang, Thailand. After being introduced by a previous customer of Shipping Whale Logistics, he contacted our company to propose transportation requirements. After detailed communication and understanding, we issued a complete solution for the customer.

Business Process

1. After our company undertook this ticket business, we conducted a detailed study on the cargo list of billboard columns, and formulated a reasonable transportation plan to minimize transportation costs.
2. Our company reasonably recommends that customers buy transportation insurance for their goods to avoid unnecessary accidental losses. In order to ensure the transportation of the customer's goods, during this process, we set up a professional project team to be responsible for handling the goods. The factory only needs to tell us the corresponding documents and delivery time. We provide one-stop service to the factory. It also saves a lot of manpower and material resources, maximizing work efficiency.

Billboard column export operation process
Shipping booking→declaration→customs declaration and inspection→(shipping)→bill of lading→container arrival at the port→customs clearance→tax payment→customs inspection→customs release→port of destination

Export customs declaration information for billboard columns
1. Packing list
2. Invoice
3. Foreign trade contract
4. Customs declaration power of attorney
5. Foreign brand authorization letter
6. Declaration elements

Export declaration elements for billboard columns
1. Product name
2. Brand (Chinese or foreign name)
3. Export preferences
4. Purpose
5. Material (stainless steel, base metal types, etc.)
6. Type (logo, nameplate, etc.)

Shipping Export of billboard columns from Shenzhen to Laem Chabang ​

Experience Summary

1. Fully communicate and understand the cargo situation and transportation requirements in advance, and formulate a transportation plan based on the characteristics of the cargo.
2. Whether the goods are picked up at the factory or delivered to the station by the customer, they must be marked. This will facilitate smooth customs clearance and facilitate the verification of the transported goods by the customer and the customer's consignee.
3. Provide timely and effective feedback on all kinds of information about the transported goods, so that customers can understand the situation of freight transportation, so that customers can make other arrangements for receiving the goods at the destination port.

Customer Reviews

Our company is very satisfied with the overall operation process of this export transportation. Basically, the business experts of Whale International Logistics handled the documents and terminal customs declaration on my behalf throughout the whole process. I really want to thank my friend for recommending Whale International Logistics to me!