Business Background

The customer needs to import a batch of new wooden flooring from Italy to Qingdao, Shandong Province, and therefore needs to find a strong and reliable freight forwarder to operate the import and transport of wooden flooring and other matters. Through the old customer referral to find the Shipping Whale Logistics and establish contact, after detailed communication with our business staff, the customer feels good, so decided to entrust us to complete the wooden floor transport project.

Business Process

Wooden flooring import customs declaration information

1、Import and export business right

2、Wooden flooring information: name, quantity, packaging, weight and volume, etc;

3、Customs inspection and declaration power of attorney

4, contract, packing list, bill of lading, etc.

5, certificate of origin

6, processing method

7, Chinese or foreign name

8、Specifications(length x width)

9, Appearance

10, Inspection and quarantine certificate

11, species (Chinese, Latin genus name, Latin species name)

Wooden flooring import customs declaration information

1、Overseas shipment of wood flooring arrives at the port

2、Payment of wood flooring import freight and exchange of documents

3, wood flooring import inspection and customs declaration

4、Customs import valuation of wood flooring out of the tax bill

5、Pay wood flooring import tax

6、Customs inspection

7、Release the goods

8、Pick up the goods

9、Delivery to the designated place in China

Summary of Experience

1, to ensure that the wood flooring in line with environmental requirements: wood flooring in the production process may be used to formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so importers need to ensure that the wood flooring in line with local environmental requirements, at the same time, but also need to understand the relevant provisions of the local timber harvesting, to ensure that the source of wood flooring purchased from legitimate sources.

2, understand the destination inspection and quarantine requirements: different countries for imported wood inspection and quarantine requirements are different, importers need to understand the relevant provisions of the destination to ensure that wood flooring can successfully pass the inspection 3, reasonable arrangements for transport and warehousing: wood flooring in the process of transport and warehousing need special attention to prevent damage and moisture. Reasonable arrangements for transport and warehousing to ensure that the wood flooring can safely reach its destination.

4, pay attention to the customs declaration price and tax: customs declaration price and tax is an important part of the import declaration, the importer needs to truthfully declare the value of the goods, the number of information, and pay the corresponding tariffs and value-added tax. At the same time, also need to pay attention to the use of tax incentives to reduce import costs.