Business Background

The customer needs to import a batch of camera lenses from Japan to Shanghai, through the introduction of the customer, found the Shipping Whale Logistics, consulting the camera import related issues. Our company has operated a lot of such items imported, in the customs clearance link is very skilled. Customers in the communication and understanding, decisively choose our company to provide its import customs clearance and domestic distribution country services.

Business Process

Camera lens import customs declaration process: shipment from abroad → ocean freight to Hong Kong → agent for the exchange of documents → agent for customs inspection and declaration → customs audit → customs tax bill → payment of taxes → customs inspection → release → pickup and delivery

Elements of camera lens import declaration: Chinese name, detailed use, function, model, whether there is a brand on the product, if there is no brand to inform the manufacturer, material, with or without a display, whether assembled, etc.

Camera lens import declaration required documents:

1、Certificate of origin
2, packing list, invoice, contract
3, inspection and customs declaration power of attorney
4、Import and export business right
5, brand (Chinese or foreign name)
7, Customs clearance of inbound goods
8、Consignee record number
9、Customs clearance of inbound goods
10、Consignee record number
11、Model number
12、3C documents
13、Declaration elements

Shipping camera lens from Japan to  Shanghai

Summary of Experience

1, when signing the import contract, be sure to clarify the quality of the goods, specifications, quantity and other terms, in order to avoid subsequent disputes
2、Documents should be well prepared
3、Maintain the changes of relevant national policies and regulations, in order to adjust the import strategy in a timely manner
4、Price declaration should be based on the actual price to declare
5、When loading and unloading, we should take the goods gently, and there should be fragile goods and not inverted, heavy pressure mark on the outer package.