Business Background

A mechanical equipment company in Xi'an plans to import a batch of packaging machines from Riyadh (for product packaging and sealing), introduced by a friend contacted the Shipping Whale Logistics. The friend and our company have had many times of cooperation, the overall service provided by our company is more recognised, so we recommend our company to the friend, our company according to the customer's needs, the development of the overall import program: including overseas pickup, packing, inspection, shipping, domestic customs clearance, delivery and so on.

Business Process

Packaging machine customs declaration elements: Chinese name; brand type; detailed use; function; model; brand (Chinese or foreign name); origin; length, width and height; weight; quantity; colour; value of goods, a clear panoramic view of the front of each device, the left and right sides and the nameplate part of the picture of each one, and so on.

Process of customs declaration for packaging machine: shipment from foreign suppliers → ocean freight to port → exchange of documents at the dock → inspection and customs declaration → customs audit / price audit → tax bill → tax payment → customs inspection of containers → customs clearance → arrangement of trailer delivery

Packaging machine import customs declaration information

1、Consignee and consignor record number
2、Import and export business right
3、Official certificate of origin
4、Official health certificate/free sale certificate of the producing country
5, Manufacturer's composition test report
6, Packing list, invoice and contract
7, Power of Attorney for Inspection and Customs Declaration
8, Customs clearance of inbound goods
9、Name in Chinese or foreign language
10、Packaging machine instruction manual
11, Picture information
12, Product information: name, quantity, packaging, weight and volume, etc.

Shipping packaging machine from Riyadh to Xi'an

Summary of Experience

1、Prepare the relevant documents: import licence, commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, contract and so on.
2、Check the quality of the machine: the quality of the packaging machine must meet the requirements of China Customs, otherwise it may be detained or returned.
3、Declare the correct name and value: you need to accurately list the name, model, quantity and value of the packaging machine on the declaration list.

Customer Evaluation

The whole transport process is very satisfactory, and there is no problem at all. I really want to thank my friend for recommending Whale International Logistics to me.